# 2 Bond/ Hamilton Hardtop resto in Top Gear!

23 December 2009 

One of the great moments in Australian motor racing history would have to be when the two Moffat Ford Dealer Team hardtop falcons crossed the line 1-2. The MFDT steam roller that year was increadable, it began in 1976, when Colin Bond was signed up, his first race in his brand new lightweight falcon for the new Ford team at Sandown, a big number of the Ford brass were there to see Bond cross the line first and they happily gave their funding for Australia's first million dollar team. Moffat used his trusty old war horse from 1976 to be the # 1 car and Bond backed him up in a solid year in his new #2. 1977 they were untouchable, winning the ATCC and AMC rounds, including Bathurst. Bond talks about that Bathurst win below;

In 1978 Holden fired back with the better prepared Holden Torana A9X winning the season. Both hardtops were repainted in Cobra colours for the end of the 1978 season, including the Bathurst race, but apart from a strong start drama unfolded and both cars retired from the race.


Bond left Moffat after this and the car was sold a few years later with the race running gear removed and standard Falcon XD road gear inserted in its place. It went through a variety of owners before being bought by the great sports car collector and historian John Blanden. Sadly John passed away and the car was put up for auction, where we acquired it in May 2004. Since then it has been sitting in the side of our workshop waiting to have the original race package fitted back to it. It has had a few aborted attempts but now has started again with vigour as we get rid of that road rubbish and prepare it for the Top Gear Live event in Sydney 2010. At that show it will be reunited with its old team mate, the # 1 car which happily lives at the Bathurst Museum in NSW. Below are some of the latest pics from our back area in the workshop. I will update a few more pics and details as we get more into it, so stay tuned.