2011 Qld Flood Appeal - Bowden's Team Gets Washing!

1 February 2011 

When the floods hit our home state of Queensland, being Aussies we had to help in any and every way we could. Not long after the clean-up had begun we were approached by Stuart Brown of the Blue Oval Network about helping out with a fund raising car wash. We could not say no, and pledged to give them free reign on our car care products and our teams help on the day.


The Wash Team- Hands up those who will not wash another car once this day is over!

The day was run with the support of Denmac Ford in Darra, Brisbane, using their wash bays. Thankfully it was nice and undercover as she got a bit hot and humid during the day! Heaps of cars turned up, of all types, models and ages. We had some pristine show cars, race tracked weapons, street machines, hot rods, rare classics, bush bashers, work vehicles, muscle cars, and even a few daily road cars.

Dan giving Darren a bit of a wash down, good guy he is....


John is now officially known as Longreach, with his ability to clean the tops of every car thanks to his height!


The line-up to get washed ran through the dealership and out up the street for the next 5 hours as each and every car was attended to by our team. All received a loving wash (cars and the team), checking for any tar or bugs, a chamois down and some even had the clay bar used or their tyres shined up. It was pretty good value for just $10.00 a car.


Lots of different Fords turned up for a good clean. Dan using the two bucket method with the Love glove!


Yep thats tar melting away on there, Bug and Tar was the big winner of the day!


Squeeky Pete helped with a lot of the extra car care questions people had during the day.


 It was great to show everyone just how well the products we have made worked, the new Bug and Tar was the most dramatic; we had one car that earned the name of the tar baby, as it was covered from top to bottom in the awful black stuff, the fact it was a white car just made it worse! But we sprayed the entire car in the Bug and Tar and watched it all melt off, before wiping it down to reveal something a whole lot whiter!  I was especially happy with the Auto Body Gel wash, as after personally washing close to 60 cars my sensative hands were not totally ripped apart, thats how gentle this wash is on your hands! the way it leaves the cars looking after the wash is even better. (Read about one very happy customer by clicking here)


Chris and Stuart, the event organiser and hardcore Ford fan, giving the Holden badge here an extra good cleaning.


 Just under $1700 was raised, and you can appreciate that is a LOT of cars washed, in fact our entire crew really don?t want to even think about washing another car for at least a week or more, but it was all for a great cause. All the money raised has been donated to the Qld Flood appeal, you can see more about it by clicking here;



 A Princess Limousine, once owned by Idi Amin and even the Beatles (Band, not insect!) have been in it.


The following weekend the good people at Autobarn Macgregor organised another wash and as we were unable to attend (Due to us running the Brock A9X at Bathurst, read about it here), With our unavailibility, they did there best and rounded up some willing helpers, who proved to be quite popular!



The Girls car wash raised another $1000.00, well done!


Very good Demonstration on how to rinse out a dirty Love Glove.

Love Glove works well on all types of bodies...

That said however, the 'Boys' car wash generated a little bit more money than the all female version, I am not sure what this really means, nor do i wish to, but it was great they got together and made the effort for an exceptionally good cause, whilst having a lot of fun on the way.


Thanks to all those who brought their cars along and again those who helped, including the major ones of  Denmac Ford, Capital Transport (epic sausage sizzle) and the  Blue Oval Network?s members. It was great to all get together and make the day such a huge success.

Thanks to Troy King, Brian Bailey, Peter Coxen and Paul Hunt (More of Pauls images from the day here) for the images.


Loved washing all your cars,