Allan Moffat visits the collection

17 July 2013 

We were incredibly honoured to have Allan Moffat join a private group for a tour recently. The emotion was deep as he had the time to run through many of the cars he campaigned himself, and raced against, over his near 3 decades of motorsport. As we first entered the shed, he was drawn straight away to his two favourites, sitting proudly next to each other, Lotus Cortina and Trans Am Mustang. It was a bit like a family reuniting as the tears welled up as Moffat spoke of his many years of racing the two cars.

Moffat with two of the most important cars in his race career.

The Lotus Cortina stirred some great memories from Moffat on his early racing career, at first working with team Lotus and then purchasing the Cortina we have in our collection today.  It is where he got his real start and he fondly shared the support Ford and Goodyear gave him in those early days, stories which we look forward to sharing with others on future tours here.



With the Hamilton 934, that gave Moffat the 1980 Sports Car Championship.

The run through the years of racing the Phase GTHO Falcons, to not geting the Phase IV's and then running great 1973 Championship with the new Group C XY GTHO, winning it to boot, for his first ATCC victory. Topped by the Bathurst 73 win with Pete Geoghegan in the new Hardtop Falcon. 1977 was a great year, as he stood with the Bond # 2 hardtop, running through different races and members in the team that made the cars so successful. 

A few emotions as he remembers his old friend, who raced this now famous VL Commodore.

In the bottom end of the shed, was the Brock 1979 A9X and VL Commodore, he had very quiet and kind words for his old friend, and you could see the strained emotion as he talked of the great sportsmanship and skill that Brock showed over the years they raced each other. The 86 Bathurst race, and how gracious Brock was when in practice after Moffat made the error and crashed their VK Commodore, still sits high in his memories of the man.

Back with the first of the ANZ Sierra's.


Impressed with the Fahey Mustang's GT40 power plant.

Upstairs the Super Falcon and that race of Easter Bathurst 1972 took precedence, as he needed to un-clip himself from his seat belts and drive the race of his life to catch Geoghegan in the final stages of the race. Quite brave stuff indeed! 

Ford legend, he is, but even Moffat is a fan of the McLaren Can Am's big block Chevy.

It was a brilliant experience to have Moffat here for those couple of hours and I am sure by the smiles on the faces of the small group of enthusiasts who came along, that they appreciated it just as much. A real legend of a man, thank you Allan Moffat.


Love your car,

Dan Bowden