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13 April 2017  Brett Hobbs  

We all love our range of car care products, but have you ever wondered if there are more ways to use our car detailing products?

We've created a page, run by professional detailers, outlining some of the little "hacks" and perhaps even hidden uses for our popular products, to help you get the absolute most out of our amazing car care products.

On this page you will find some cool tricks and tips with our car detail products to help you get the most out of our amazing car care product range. These articles have been put together by professional detailers to help you with some of the more uncommon jobs we come across while detailing our cars.

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Interior Dusting and Vacuuming


Polishing Exhaust Tips


Quick Engine Bay cleaning with Clean Detail


Cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting rubber door seals


Basic Interior Detailing


Vinyl Revival on plastic mats


Cleaning micro suede with Fabra Cadabra


Cleaning and protecting plastic chrome


Taking off your wheels and cleaning them effectively


Cleaning your tiles and grout lines with Orange Agent


Which pressure washer should I buy?


Shampoo Extraction with Orange Agent + Fabra Cadabra


Cleaning & protecting honeycomb grilles


Water spots on your glass? Use this simple technique to remove them!


Cleaning a very dirty leather couch


Cleaning your BBQ with Orange Agent


Cleaning external windscreen and wiper blades


Clean makeup stains from your car interior


Clean that dirty hood lining with Fabra Cadabra


Clean your engine bay right. Orange Agent + Vinyl Revival + Fully Slick


Rego sticker residue removal


Fully Slick your wheels!


Make your door jambs shine once again


Not all Snow Cannons are created equal - See how ours stacks up!


The Big Green Sucker and Boss Gloss Drying Aid


Dirty interior surfaces? Clean them up with this killer combo!


Next level tyre cleaning with Orange Agent and Tyre Sheen


Fabra Cadabra, your sealbelts are clean!


Restore some much needed shine to your paint work


Removing old polish/wax residue from black plastics


Cleaning your interior glass effectively


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Bowden's Own Detailing Almanac

By: on 21 April 2021
Gradually becoming a bit of a Bowden's Own car care products addict. I have noticed that my collection of different products is growing, unfortunately so has my son. He is the person responsible for my trying products from the range. To date, I have found that the products definitely live up to the hype! Mr black is absolutely brilliant. Will be taking possession of another vehicle soon. Need to increase my range of products and give it a full detail. Not looking forward to cleaning the alloy rims though. A loft of effort will be needed.

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