Casey Learns Cars From Galmatic

25 January 2012 

About a Month or two ago I was given the opportunity to attend this All Female Car Workshop, run by Galmatic, who cater for female motorists!  Since I work around the cars every day and am going for my license and getting my first car soon I thought it would be a good way to get a bit more knowledge (even working for the Bowden's I learnt a lot!!) and as I found, boost my confidence and even refresh my memory!


The workshop consisted of a group of 6 of us and was held at Bob Jane Tyre Centre in Chermside Brisbane and went for about 2 hours. During the day I got taught a heap of things to do for looking after my car that were all quite quick and easy to do, monthly check up on your car.

At the workshop I took part in activities such as..

-Tires.. How to check the air pressure, Rubber and tread, and also how to change a tire!

-Oil.. to check when it needs to be topped up and/or changed

-Battery.. How to check the fluid levels inside, and make sure it?s all connected up correctly.

-Radiator.. Safely checking the coolant levels, and adding the right stuff back in.


As well as things like, how you?re meant to position yourself in your car for driving, holding the wheel correctly, how you should always clear out all the clutter in your car in case of an accident (I love my clutter!), and what all the little symbols and lights up on the dash and around your car, mean and which ones you should stop when they light up!


As a female I found it to be a great environment to learn all these things, without feeling any pressure or being judged. The Organisers are lovely and answer any questions you have. These are things every girl should know and understand and the girls at Galmatic did an amazing job educating me!


Looking forward to getting my first car now, see you all on the road soon!


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