Cleaning Alcantra / Microsuede Interior Trim

2 April 2013 


Alcantra and Ultra Suede are the brand names for a high quality type of microfibre, made synthetically to be soft, good looking and more resilient that the old natural suede?s and other cloth trims of decades gone.  Used in many luxury cars nowadays, it gives a lovely sophisticated feel to many of these vehicles.  As tough as it has been engineered however, you cannot use normal generic fabric cleaners on them, as it is easy to damage the material and lose the softness and texture that makes it so good.     



Our Fabra Cadabra cleaner is made to be compatible for cleaning Alcantra trim, so when we had a low mileage GT2 RS 911 Porsche arrive that had dirty hand marks on the shifter and other bits of the bright red trim, we knew exactly what to do to clean it up quickly.



The biggest thing to remember is not to spray the Fabra Cadabra direct onto the affected surface, spray 3 times into a microfibre applicator pad like our Square Bear and apply in a gentle blotching motion on the Alcantra trim. 


Always check the applicator pad and use a clean section each time you blotch on, to make sure you are not putting the removed stain back into the material.

Be sure not to wet the fabric too deeply. Dry gently with the microfibre cloth (our Plush Daddy is perfect for this). To finish it off and if you think it is required, lightly brush the surface with a soft bristle brush once it is vacuumed and dry, to keep the material nice and soft.


Look close, not digital manipulation, Fabra Cadabra has brought out the colour and removed the marks around the top of the shifter. 

Fabra Cadabra is great on a number of different interior trim, have a good read on our more in depth article about it by clicking here. 



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Love your car,

Dan Bowden