De-ponging your racing gear

27 March 2014 

So your racing season is done for another year, time to store all your racing gear, helmet, suit, gloves and boots away for a few months till next year. That next time you pull them out from storage you might notice they stink just a bit....


This article is a quick and easy one to do, grab a bottle of our great Pong-Go odour eliminator and get to work removing those smells for good. Sweat, mould and other bacteria are the main reasons for the bad odours forming in your race gear, regular washing of the suit and gloves will help with this, but not so much with your boots, and helmet. Pong-Go is formulated to get rid of those smells for good, follow the simple instructions here and your race gear will be smelling great once more.

Yep, its smells that great!

With the suit inside out spray into under arm, seat/ crotch and back sweaty areas.

When spraying into the different areas of your suit, boot, gloves and especially the helmet, remember not to saturate the materials, just use enough to dampen it, making sure you have a good coverage of the parts that the smells are coming from. After spraying just let it sit, no agitation is required. Its good to have the suit on a coat hanger so you can hang it up in an open area to dry.


Open the boots right up, spray all through the inside on the sole, leave open to dry.

Helmets are more of the same, just be sure not to drench the inside, as it can affect

the fabric adhesives, a couple of sprays is enough.

All done, no longer pongy and good for yet another race season.

After you have sprayed the different articles, just be sure to leave them in a well aerated place to dry.

For stains and marks in the different fabric materials you can use our Fabra Cadabra to spot clean them, spray it into a clean microfibre cloth or applicator pad, apply in a circular motion and then wipe off with a separate microfibre cloth. You can read more about that product in our article of fabric cleaning here.

You can get Pong-Go at selected retailers across Australia, find your closest one by clicking here.

If there are no stores close to you, have a look at our online store here.

Any questions about your pongy race gear, give me a message or call our team in the office on (07) 5445 6065.


Love your racing,

Dan Bowden