Fit for a Princess - The Auto Body Gel wash

1 February 2011 

We get a lot of nice messages, emails and letters from those who love our car care products, but I thought this one was something extra special to show. We had a beautiful Princess Limousine turn up near the end of the fund raising wash day and from that wash with our team, this letter turned up the following Monday.



Dear Dan

Congratulations on your initiative and good results in your car wash to raise funds for the flood appeal at Denmac Ford on Saturday.
With a wedding to attend just down the road it was handy to have the 1962 Princess Van Den Plas Limousine washed for a good cause but admit I was surprised at the results.  Our cars are always hand washed before events but the Bowden's Own Auto Body Gel brought a renewed shine to the car. This really came to notice when driving home on dusk with receding light the depth and lustre of the white colour really came through. Obviously we'll be changing to Bowden's Own now and I look forward to using your product on our other cars,  especially the black Princess Limousine in our group.

I already use the Bowden's own "Tyre Shine" as it is safe to use with white walls and when applied according to directions gives a natural and long lasting shine to the tyres.



I look forward to seeing what other products you develop in the future as maintaining these classic cars just became a lot easier thanks to Bowden's Own Car Care products.
Rod Graydon



Thanks for taking the time to write to us Rod, was our pleasure to pamper such a well looked after classic that afternoon. Glad you see the Auto Body Gel fit enough for a Princess. :)


Check out our much heralded Auto Body Gel wash by clicking here.


Love your car,

Dan Bowden