German F1 GP, Nurburgring, 11th, 12th July 2009.

23 September 2009 

With us being in Europe for Goodwood, a quick look at the summer racing calendar showed the German F1 GP was on the following week! I have been a big Mark Webber fan for the past few years (which has been tough), so the opportunity to attend a European GP was just too good to pass up.

Our good mate David White from Channel ONE came along and arranged some pretty special ‘media passes’ for us into the F1 paddock and access to the team Red Bull “Energy Station”. To say we were stoked was an understatement. But little did we know it was going to get even better! Webber took his first Pole position, and being the only Aussies in a pit full of Germans, a bit of vodka red bull was consumed to celebrate!! But again, it was to get sooo much better… the race itself on the Sunday was a massive affair. It felt like half of Europe was at the track. All the Red Bull people were going for Webbers team mate, the German Sebastian Vettel.

But we kept the Red bull Vodka’s running and the Aussie flag flying all the way through the race, cheering him on lap after lap. We were just about hoarse when Webber took away from the entire field to finally win his first ever F1 race. This was the first F1 win for an Australian since Alan Jones won in 1981 at Las Vegas! What a huge moment to be there for.

But again it just kept getting better... Post race, Webber comes back to the team’s “Energy Station” where Chris and I were asked to hold up the Aussie flag behind our champion for the photographers! I have never been so proud. Just one of those special moments we will remember forever.

My Event Hero: David White, for getting us into the tightly policed Red Bull compound for the weekend. Mark Webber is right up there as well.
My Event Highlight: Being the only Aussies celebrating after the race at Nürburgring’s huge beer garden. Never been hugged by so many people my entire life.