Gold Coast 600, Day 3...The final run

11 November 2010 

The last run at the Gold Coast 600 was a ripper, with nearly all the cars running perfectly for the entire session putting a great fiunal show on for the spectators.



In the morning we had everyone get together for the big group shot, as shown above and then we took the 1-2 1977 cars up to meet the team Vodaphone cars who did the same thing this year at Bathurst, pretty special stuff.



Below is some footage from the very start of the event, not sure when I told them that each car was worth a million bucks tho!?!



Here is the Channel 7 telecast from Sunday, nice little lead in article with Aaron Noonan and then the on track action is in the following part two.



The part two of the video annoys me a wee lil' bit as it looks like we are just doing parade laps! I can assue everyone that just 30 seconds before they crossed to the on track activites they were all going pretty hell bent for leather! You can see Dick getting into it at the start of his live cross, but then he catches the cars of Moffat and Bond so they all hold back....


Other things you will note, The Moffstang and Camaro are not in the procession. KB had the power steering break a line... freaky, so it sidelined him after about 4 laps and I had the Moffstang spin a bearing, putting me on the side of the road after 5 glorious laps and a weekends faultless running. The Moffstang engine is now 15 years old, so we got a good run out of her. The boys in the workshop tell me that it will be back together, better than ever very soon. :)  


Probably the most classic bit of this Footage was Bond leading Moffat 2-1 across the finish line... Moffat later said they will have to be looking for a match up again in the near future!



It was a great weekend at the track, thanks to all those who stopped in and said hello, hope you enjoyed it as much as we loved running the cars around.

Love your car,