Gold Coast 600 Legends, Day 2

24 October 2010 

Day 2 of the gold Coast 600 Australian Legends has given us a few more challenges but still nothing on what we were dealing with this same time last year. Our two biggest issues arise from the Gold Coast weather, and the length of the demonstration. With the numerous hard braking areas and the heat of running in the middle of the day giving all the cars a real workout. Only two concerns are to be faced with are for the engine in the Bond Hardtop and KB?s Camaro?s severe lack of brakes!



Still overall it was another great run for all the cars and drivers, here is a quick run through with each car.


Team Seton; Glen is really on one, he and Jim Richards have a great run against each other with the Ford Credit EL staying with the GTR Godzilla. The smile of Glens dial says it all.. Bo Seton just as happy to be cruising along in the Capri by comparison to his crazy son.


Jim Richards GTR: Jim was on a mission today, booming around the circuit with the EL of Seton snapping away at his heels, pretty awesome to watch as the roared past! Jim more than delighted with the pace and setup in the GTR, has said he will be hunting the Sierra tomorrow of Longhurst, the only car capable of keeping him honest.




Tony Longhurst; The little pocket rocket gave it?s all today as Tony really settled into the car. The full 20 mins proved to be too much for the brakes, as they struggled for the final few laps of the event. Tony is still in awe of his old lil beasty and wanting to buy it back from us.. The car has been given a spanner check and the brakes bled, so all will be right for the final run tomorrow.




Bob Morris; had a trouble free run and was able to show how one of Australia?s greatest muscle cars runs at speed. Bellowing around the circuit with the GTHO of John French at his heels, Bob is finding the sheer power of the Beechey Monaro something fun to play with. She got a bit warm near the end of the run, but apart from that there is no drama, is looking forward to the final run tomorrow.




John French: The old Moffat GTHO ran faultlessly for the midday session, with only Frenchy saying he had to manage the brakes, something this model is reknown for. He had a bit of fun running with the Monaro, but found it was hard to keep close to on the straights! His only complaint was that he cannot find the air conditioning switch for the cars cabin.




James Brock; The A9X had a blinder of a run, he says the best drive he has ever had with one. He passed me in the Moffstang and I could see by the attitude of him three wheeling it through the back chicanes that he was pretty comfortable in the old girl. Nothing wrong here, and he still had brakes at the end of the session, showing his sympathetic nature with driving the car.


Charlie O?Brien; He is out in the 7 litre Camaro that was raced by Thompson back in the day. This thing has some serious stick and Charlie is the man to be showing it off. We had a great few laps, till my head came back on and I realised that the Moffstang is not the car to be punting in such a unforgiving track! I could not keep up with him in a straight line, the mighty 427 is just too much for the small block 302.


Chris Bowden: the RX7 is running well, for the first few laps, but fuel pump issues kept him once again from owning me! Apart from this, the biggest concern he has is the 13b engine is not loud enough?.




Colin Bond; Began the session today with a run in the number 1 Moffat falcon, to make sure it will be ok for Moffat in Sunday's run. He did one lap and to his shock found it had a sticking throttle.. Not the place to have this happen... he pitted and changed back to the #2 Falcon (this would be a first time for this in these cars history) and did a few laps till drama hit the fan.. Later inspection has revealed some bent push rods, so a new set has been fitted and it will be ready for tomorrow?s great spectacle of the 1-2 cars on track together.



KB Giving Dick the "eye" in the pits.

KB Camaro; KB showed he only knows one speed and took of after Dick Johnson in Tru Blu, the combination of the heat and some very hard driving led to a total brake fade and the boys in our team out currently replacing the discs on the front of the car.. It also did not help that the boot popped open on the first lap, something I said he could have done deliberately trying to get an edge with some extra down force, again KB did not see the joke in my comment.. Note to everyone, there is no joking when he is driving the Camaro!



Me: the day began with the crew finding we had a drama with a pulley, so a new one had to be made, but no drama apart from that. I have a new found appreciation for Moffat and the way he used to drive his mighty Mustang back in the day. The heat by the end of the run was pretty extreme inside the cabin (explains why he always had so much ducting running into the car) and the brakes getting a solid workout left me feeling a little bit out of my league, so I just just cruised around, loving the engine power delivery and feel of her belting between the gears keeps me still smiling tonight. Getting the rear shocks softened a bit is about the only thing done this afternoon. Real good fun day.




Dick Johnson; Tru Blu showed her all today and Dick is pretty stoked. No changes need to be made, just a quick spanner check to ensure he gets a great run again tomorrow. Dick did make mention of the straight line power the new engine has given him, something he is using to full effect of keeping KB honest in the Camaro!



Was great to meet all the different crew in the pits, which was great, hope to see a few more of you there today.

Come get some pineapple lollies and say hello! 


Loving these cars,