Gold Coast 600 Legends session, Day 1.

22 October 2010 


First day on the track and things are looking great for the Legends category this weekend. Cars are running well, drivers are content and the weather was picture perfect, something all those at the track would have relished.



The drivers got to see their cars for the first time this morning and they more like a kid at Christmas than Champion drivers as they were reunited with the different cars from their great days of racing. Running through the list of cars and drivers in the run, here is how it all panned out.

Ahh Sex...

Myself in the Moffstang; My god, what a car? It ticks all the boxes and ran like a jet for the 20 minute session, gets a bit warm inside and has a unique driving position (that purpose suits it?s normal driver Moffat, so we will never change it) but apart from that it is hard to fault this magnificent beast. The way it powers through the gears with the sound of those straight through pipes bellowing off the concrete highrises is just awesome. Only thing letting this car down is the driver..I am VERY happy with her, cannot wait for tomorrow. 



Bob showing Chris how the power is on the Monaro.

Bob Morris in the Beechey Monaro: Bob had the linkage bind up in second as he left the pits, so his run was cut short. It is all fixed now and he is just a little bit in awe of the power this machine has. Again he is pumped for tomorrow.



Team Seton, in the Capri and EL Ford Credit falcon: It?s all smiles and laughter down this end of the pits and why shouldn?t it be, Bo is back in his original Capri and Glen is showing a masterclass lesson in driving the EL, he passed me and pulled away down the main straight, this EL has some serious mumbo!



James and David talk on the merits of the A9X Torana!

James Brock in his dads A9X Torana: James is more than a little bit happy as well, no drama?s just a radiator cap letting itself off in the last lap of the session. He will be back and into it tomorrow in this great muscle car.


Chris Bowden in the RX7: Very happy with himself as today he got to own his older brother. This was corrected a lap later as I pulled my finger out, but the braking and fantastic handling was to make for a great old vs young battle against the mighty Moffstang.




KB and the Camaro: this event is touted as a high speed demonstration, but KB has not taken notice of this. It is sheep stations and he has his eye ok Dick in Tru Blu. The Camaro ran short of brakes today, which I did mention to him as fantastic, as it shows the car is very period correct for it?s restoration, he did not share my enthusiasm and had the guys pull the car apart and do the brakes! tomorrow should be interesting to say the least.



Dick watching them slowly warm up Tru Blu for her maiden run today.  

Dick Johnson, Tru Blu: It?s the 30 year anniversary of Dick building this great Ford Icon and he is more than a little bit happy to be out there in her again. The car was rebuilt at DJR leading up to this event and today was it?s first run on the track. Some small things were found, first the passengers seat came off the rails and made its way into his lap.. Then there was a minor heating problem, which has now been addressed and tomorrow we should see Dick show us all how you drive these big Fords, which is something like hard on the power with a heaps of opposite lock!



Moffat is away till Sunday so it was just # 2 on track today.

Colin Bond, 1977 #2 hardtop: this was the car we were all nervous about, Bondy is such a class act and still knows how to peddle a car around a track. We have been working for two years to get this car finished and today was it?s first real run in anger. The feedback we got from Bony was epic, He loves the car.. small changes need to be made in the rear end, but apart from that he is delighted with the way it is as a package. He does have concerns on how they ever ran them with no power steering! Something which would make all these cars virtually impossible to drive for a large group of today?s V8 drivers. Lots of people have commented that this hardtop is the best sounding car in the field? Something I am struggling with this, after knowing the Monaro and Mustangs note.. Love to hear others feedback on this contentious matter!!


I know how Tony feels, this Sierra is awesome.

Tony Longhurst, RS 500 Sierra: Tony has not raced this car for close to 20 years and today was his first ever nostalgia event, I think he gets and understands it.. The car was only raced twice with him and then Bowells raced in a few times after, till we received it. It is very original and Tony just could not believe it, was quite funny to watch him and Jim Stone looking all over the car seeing their handywork still there after all these years. The car is a weapon and Tony is more than a little bit stoked about this, stoked enough that he told dad he needs to seriously buy the car back off him!! Look out for some great action between Tony and the next man on the list, if they get close to each other on track!



Godzilla lying in wait...

Jim Richards, R32 Godzilla: Jim is like a kid in a candy shop, to be once again driving one of his most amazing cars, restored so beautifully by current owner Terry Ashwood. This car is weapons grade, which he showed by lapping me, almost twice!! If Tony and Jim ever get close together it will be something to behold. Jim is very, very happy this weekend to be back in her seat.


Things are looking good for tomorrow with our run on track set for midday. I personally cannot wait.


Love your car,