The Homebush Ford Spectacular 2009

6 November 2009 

We headed to Sydney last weekend with the GTHO Phase IV for the Homebush Ford Spectacular at The Dome at Sydney Olympic Park. This was to be the first time that the Phase IV has been on display in NSW. Dad attempted to show it in the '80s for the Peter Warren All Ford Day, however the event was flooded and dad had to drive the Phase IV home to QLD.


The event had a number of car clubs and Ford enthusiasts turn up with their magnificent cars for the eyes of all the Ford fans who made the trip out to Homebush for the event. It was a great display of mustang's, cortina's, ute's and so much more. Unfortunately, the public turn out was not as the event organiser had hoped. However, it was their first event and we definately know how hard it is to build a strong following in your first year of operation! But next year they promise to be back, bigger and better, with a Holden vs Ford show. So keep an eye out for more information about this event next year.


When we arrived, the Phase IV had been dropped off and looked a little dull after 2 days on the back of a truck and a number of weeks sitting in our shed. Our usual trick of a quick spray and wipe with our detail spray did the trick, but one of our helpers on the day just couldn't help himself and wanted to give the car a quick wax. It is so easy with the new formulation that he did it in no time.


Whilst we were there, we were lucky enough to jump on a historic double decker bus and take a ride around the Homebush race track that they are building for the final V8 Supercar race. It was an interesting track that I cannot wait to see what tricky little things they will add to give the drivers, and the fans on the sidelines, a little bit of entertainment. It is hard to imagine it as a race track just yet, but I look forward to seeing it when it is finished.


We are now back from many weeks of travel and big events. Just one more big event at our HQ on the Sunshine Coast next weekend for the Sound Tour, then we can look forward to the Christmas season. And we have a little special something for all our customers this Christmas, so keep an eye out for our Xmas promotion. It will be something that your friends, partner, collegues or children will definately want for Christmas... or maybe something you will want to subtly slide under your loved ones noses as a little hint...


Love Your Car,

Dan Bowden