After Glow - A Perfect Drying Aid

4 September 2017  Brett Hobbs  

We are very proud to announce our latest Australian made product - something we have been testing and perfecting for the last couple of years, and after nearly 90 different revisions After Glow is now ready.

This product is an awesome, high-end drying aid, that will appease the very fussiest of car enthusiasts. It came about from a conversation with our chemist when we were creating Boss Gloss to work as a drying aid with The Big Green Sucker. He saw me doing the action of spraying the product into the cloth and applying it to dry the car and asked me if I would like a product that would actually dry the water from the car. I remember I gave him a skeptical look and said “My bloody oath I want that!!” And from there, my 2 years of punishment of this poor chemist was to begin.

Read more about this awesome new product, and see our instructional video of it being used here -

After Glow Pack

After Glow Pack

After Glow is a remarkable drying aid for the fussiests of car fanatics. It came from a near 2 year development project, with close to 90 different product formulations. Tonnes of testing has been done to p...

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After Glow

After Glow

An after-wash drying aid for the perfectionist.

$34.99 View Product

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