Body Joy, for the most indulgent shower experience.

1 April 2023  Dan Bowden  



After those huge days at work, it’s not uncommon for your better half to be uncomfortable about you coming into the home as you’re covered head to toe in grime and sweat - and we get it, as not everyone wants this through their clean house. So we have thought long and hard about this issue and found a very practical solution to help eliminate any future unneeded doorway disputes.

Introducing Body Joy, a revolutionary new product that promises to give you the cleanest, most indulgent shower experience yet. It boasts a thick and luxurious lather and deep cleans the skin without harming it.


The new Body Joy, is a premium foaming body wash that is applied with the Snow Blow Cannon. It offers a luxurious lather and an invigorating cleanse - not only is it effective at cleaning the skin, but it also contains gentle wanky ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Body Joy wash has many benefits over old traditional soaps and body washes, as applying it with the cannon makes it lather up better and evenly spread all over your skin, providing a more thorough, faster and easier clean than ever before.

It’s also quite social, as you can do it with your partner, friends or the whole family as the kids actually love it too! The unique, fluffy texture makes it a new experience for them as it creates a fun, playful lather that they will deeply enjoy during their bath time.

There are many ways that our Aussie made Body Joy stands out from other body washes on the market. Let us tell you more as to why we are frothing:

  • It offers a luxurious and invigorating deep cleanse, with effective pre-cleaning when you come home extra dirty, or for general lighter cleaning like after a show or car meet. 
  • pH neutral, to leave your skin feeling super soft, smooth and refreshed. 
  • Deep cleans your work clothes as well. 
  • Brings a relaxing spa-like experience to the comfort of your own home.
  • The application with the Snow Blow Cannon offers a superior lather-up that spreads more evenly over your skin, providing a faster, easier and more thorough clean than ever before.
  • Body Joy is something that’s quite social, as you can do it with your partner, friends, or the whole family together for a great bonding experience. 
  • Like our Snow Job foam, our chemists made this with free rinsing attributes, so it doesn’t leave any residues, which is particularly useful for dry or sensitive skin.
  • The added wanky moisturising ingredients will leave your skin feeling silky smooth, never dry or stripped.
  • Trust us, you won't be able to imagine your shower routine ever again without Body Joy. 
  • Body Joy has been developed in-house by our fanatical car-loving team and has been one of the best experiences we have had with any washing product to date.



The Big Green sucker is legendary in its level of plush luxury in the way it dries and cares for your cars, so why can’t you have the same for your own body too? Introducing The Big Green Hugger, for a new level of indulgence and luxury compared to any towels you have ever used in the past.


After a year of us frothing on this, we would love to share the joy of a Bowden’s Own BJ with our biggest fans. So we're inviting you to an exclusive bonding session where you’ll get to experience the wonders of a free group BJ together. Just imagine the feeling of refreshing foam as it envelops your skin, while surrounded by fellow car enthusiasts who all deeply share your same passions.

This is more than just a luxurious wash - it's a shared experience that brings people closer together. There's something sensory about its amazing fragrance and the way it lathers up, that makes everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable around each other, opening up and enjoying the bonds of true Aussie mate-ship in ways we never previously thought was possible.

You don't want to miss this, register your interest on our website now and be one of the lucky few who will get to participate in a free group BJ.



There are VERY limited quantities of these available, so don't wait too long to get this great new wash gear. Shop the full collection by checking out the product pages here on our site, or find them soon from our awesome supporting automotive resellers nationwide. 

Thank you for the support of our new and highly innovative Aussie body care. 

Dan Bowden 

The Big Green Hugger

The Big Green Hugger

A luxurious body drying towel for all occasions

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Body Joy

Body Joy

For the most indulgent foam experience, you'll love a BJ.

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