Ceramic coating maintenance

31 January 2020  Brett Hobbs  

With the rising popularity of ceramic paint protection coatings, one of the more popular questions we get asked, is which Bowden's Own products are compatible and best to help maintain these coatings. We have a good range of products very suited for this task, and we make sure the protective products that we make are compatible with ceramic coatings, and are going to work as sacrificial layers to help protect them and prolong their lives.

If you have a ceramic coating on your car, you'll be glad to know that you can still use your favourite Bowden's Own washes and sealants like Nanolicious Wash, Happy Ending, After Glow etc.

Here are some more often asked things to note with the compatibility of other products in our range. 

  • It's important to note that our Paint Cleanse & Restore IS NOT suitable for ceramic coatings. 
  • Ta Ta Tar can also affect some coatings. Always ask the coating manufacturer or applicator if solvent type tar removal products are suitable before using this.
  • Three Way decontamination spray, Claying Rubber and the Clay Bars are suitable to use on a ceramic coating. In fact yearly use is a great idea as contamination build up over time is one of the main things that affects a coatings performance. 
  • Bugger Off is pH neutral and fine for bug cleaning.
  • Orange Agent is fine if you need to use it on wheels or grime cleaning as well. 
  • All of our sealants like Fully Slick are suitable to use on a ceramic coating, though there is no need to use a carnauba wax, so there is no real need for Carnauba Body Wax or Lazy Wax. This is because a wax can affect the hydrophobic nature of a ceramic coating.
  • Something that's often forgotten is the windscreen washer additive, we made Wipe Out washer additive so it would not affect or etch and damage paint and ceramic coated surfaces. It's well worth using for that single reason alone, not forgetting the fact it's a really effective cleaner. 
  • Wheely Clean is safe to use on ceramic coated wheels - this is a good way to clean your wheels as a touch free solution.

For a full break down and step by step process on what products to use to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle, check out our ceramic coated vehicle maintenance guide below:

All of the products used in this article are available through our supporting retailers. If you have any more questions around what products to use to maintain your ceramic coated vehicle, be sure to drop us a line via email - info@bowdensown.com.au, or call us on 1800 351 308.

Happy Detailing,

Brett Hobbs.

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