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13 December 2023  Brett Hobbs  



The holiday season can be a super stressful time for everyone, with presents to buy, family to visit and endless amounts of cooking! We've decided that we all need some holiday therapy and have assembled a kit just for such an occasion - the Holiday Therapy Bucket.

Inside the Gulf coloured summer inspired bucket, you'll find a complete collection of automotive goodies which is everything you need to safely wash and dry your vehicle, making this kit an excellent gift for those in your life who need a kickstart to their car loving journey!


We're always hard at work in the background exploring new possibilities to enhance our products. During our trials for a Nanolicious Wash update, this partciular version caught our attention as we found its properties made it perfect for use in the hot Aussie summer.

Speedolicious Wash is a beautifully slick and sudsy formula that’s great for all vehicles, with the thickest and most lubricating suds we've made in a wash to date. Here are a few things we love about Speedolicious Wash:

  • We've made this version more forgiving for use in the summer months - specialised ingredients helping prevent streaking on your paint.
  • pH-neutral formula - won't strip quality waxes, sealants or paint protection coatings.
  • The most lubricating formula in our wash lineup to date, coupled with powerful cleaning capabilities.
  • Incorporates the latest anti-rust additives for enhanced protection.
  • Gentle on hands and paint, plus the formula is also salt and silicone free. 
  • Enhanced free rinsing for easy removal of suds from your paint.
  • Works exceptionally well on our super hydrophobic selants as well as professional paint protection and ceramic coatings.
  • Updates for the UV protective qualities that we love from Nanolicious Wash.
  • Thinner liquid for easier pouring and mixing in your bucket.
  • Custom theraputic summer fragrance to help chill out and relax with. 


If you appreciate that some things are more fun by hand, this triple shag pile wonder is perfect for working around all the different contours and sensual curves of your car, whilst safely removing funk and grime from your paint, holding it deep in the material until it's easily rinsed out. For your mental well being, it's virtually impossible to drop and we find it especially good at getting in around the more intricate areas too. 


We made this for the car show and collector car crew, who need a fast and easy to use detailing spray that amplifies the gloss and shine, and leaves a lovely, slick feeling finish. It's also a perfect drying aid to use with the Big Green Sucker as it helps lubricate the towel and also draws more water into its fibres.


This super absorbent 1200 GSM towel with flagged tip microfibre is for a more delicate drying experience. Being well sized at 70cm x 40cm making it big enough to dry a normal sized car without being too difficult to handle.

The extra "give" in this plush material means you won't be pushing that dirt and grime back into the paint, thus eliminating swirl marks or scratches from ever occurring, making it perfect for the more sensitive or delicate paintwork of older or unrestored classics.

The bright green colour is to help you to see any dirt or grime you may pick up in the towel, so you can flip it to a clean side and not wipe it back into the paint, again minimising the chance of further swirls and fine micro scratches occurring.


We want you to get the best results possible, so we've pulled together some tips (you could say bucket loads) to help you get the best out of your bucket. Click the link below to check out our detailed guide.

And to top it all off (literally), after you’re done, why not kick back and admire your handiwork whilst enjoying a couple of cool beverages served from the special edition orange lid/drinks tray. 


If you’re keen for some holiday therapy this summer, then keep an eye out for the bright orange lid of The Holiday Therapy Bucket at an autObarn store near you and also selected Auto Pro stores. But be quick, as it’s strictly limited numbers and great value. If you’re keen to lock yours in now, you can grab it from the autObarn or Autopro website, or find one in store.

Enjoy the holiday therapy, 

Brett Hobbs

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