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18 January 2024  Gareth Bostock  



We've been experimenting for a number of years now on how to improve our fan favourite Nanolicious Wash, and all that hard work that goes on in the background has given us what we think is one of the best washes we've ever tested. Introducing SuperLicious, our latest Aussie made creation with a combination of brand new surfactants and ingredients which supercharge the cleaning power, lubrication and sudsing.

We've really cranked up the foaming and sudsing of these washes, for faster cleaning and better lubrication and safety, and also majorly boosted the cleaning power with some mineral contamination focused additives to help maintain ceramic coatings and add an epic shine.


  • Supercharged with new surfactants that give mega suds and stronger cleaning for a quicker and more effective wash.
  • Highly concentrated and low viscosity wash, just one capful needed per wash. Mixes more easily in your bucket for faster suds.
  • Specialised mineral contamination removers for easy maintenance of ceramic coatings, while also maintaining and rejuvenating the hydrophobic properties of SiO2 coatings.
  • pH neutral, safe on quality waxes and sealants, paint protection systems, and your hands.
  • Proudly salt and silicone free, biodegradable and earth friendly formula, caring for your car and Australia.



You may be wondering, why four different versions? Well, we wanted to make something that pleased everyone, and we know from years of experience that everyone smells and tastes things differently, so we've put together our top four combos which have been enjoyed around the shed the last few months. Each of the four versions shares the same epic formula but offers a unique touch with distinct colours and fragrance to suit just about everyone!



Fit a big turbo and turn up the boost (34.8 PSI gang) on your car cleaning routine with Turbozest. The cheerful yellow color and zesty fragrance will leave your vehicle looking fresh and you feeling downright refreshed, like you've just chopped an NA car at the lights. 



Like a refreshing dip into a cold ocean on a scorching summer day, you and your 4 wheeled friend will experience a major case of Nippelflux during and after this unique washing experience.


Feel the power of 'just sending it' with our vibrant Throtlebery wash. Its energetic color and invigorating fragrance will make your car washing experience a high octane and refreshing adventure.


For those who prefer a more chilled-out vibe, the soothing purple hue and delightful fragrance of Purbleburble create a calming atmosphere. Your car will not only look great but also exude a pleasant aroma.

All four variations of SuperLicious Wash are exclusive to Supercheap Auto for a limited time only, so make sure to get in quick! Click the links below to be taken to Supercheap Auto's website.

Find all 4 washes here:

Or find them individually below:

You can find your local store by clicking here.

Make it SUPER, 

Gareth Bostock

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