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26 December 2017  Dan Bowden  

We have just released pretty well our entire range of bottled Aussie made products in a new convenient "Mini Me" 125ml size. We have made these compact sized bottles, because for years we’ve been taking full sized products with us on plane and road trips to clean and protect our cars (and work van) while we’re on the road. Carrying this multitude of full sized bottles takes up a bit of space, but the 125ml bottles are perfectly sized for where ever you may go. 

We have 21 of our most popular Bowden's Own products in this new size, including the epic new 2018 "non stinky" Wheely Clean formula that many people will be pretty excited for! These bottles are handily refillable and use a fine misting mini trigger, which is great as we find you don't use too much product with them - a little goes a long way.  

As well as being able to order all of the Mini Me bottles separately through our best supporting stores or website, we also have 3 packs available in car friendly little travel bags, that fit 5 products and all have a Velcro backing to secure easy on the carpet in the boot of most modern cars. 

Read more about these 3 Mini Me packs here and be aware that they can be special ordered from our supporting retailers nation wide with the product codes in brackets below. 

Little Details Pack - Part Code (BOLDP) 

RRP $48.99

Our Mini Me Little Details Pack is a smart little kit of some of our favourite products for washing, drying, paint cleansing, enhancing and protecting your paint. We added the popular Naked Glass as well for keeping your glass clean! It's a really nice intro pack for those wishing to give our gear a go. It comes in a handy little travel pack with a Velcro backing so you can stick it in the car boot and consists of the following 125ml Mini Me products:

  • Nanolicious Wash - Our dream wash, created for the very fussiest of fanatics.
  • Paint Cleanse & Restore - A modern replacement for abrasive polishes, that rejuvenates paint without creating swirls.
  • Lazy Wax - A pure carnauba spray wax, for time poor enthusiasts.
  • After Glow - A fantastic drying aid, that leaves a beautiful shine and great protection with each use.
  • Naked Glass - A non streaking cleaner for perfectly clear and bare glass.

The Inside Job Pack - Part Code (BOIJP)

RRP $48.99

Our Mini Me The Inside Job Pack is a great little pack for looking after and maintaining your cars interior. Keep it handy in your car, with the travel bag having a Velcro backing to easily stick to your boot carpet, so you can quickly clean up any issues as they happen. It's for leather, vinyl and fabric and consists of the following 125ml refillable Mini Me bottles:

  • Leather Love - Cleans and conditions leather in one quick step, restoring its natural feel and sheen.
  • Leather Guard - Gives your leather the needed protection from daily wear and tear.
  • Vinyl Care - A silicone free, low sheen interior plastic and dash protectant.
  • Pong-Go - Eliminates stubborn and offensive odours from your car, van, truck and boat.
  • Fabra Cadabra - A magic deep-cleaning formula for interior fabrics, including Alcantara.


Road Tripper Pack - Exclusive to AutObarn stores - Part Code (BORTP)

RRP $36.99

Our Mini Me Road Tripper Pack contains all the essentials for your next road trip. From cleaning your wheels, to cleaning off that pesky bug splatter, to washing and protecting your paint - we've even covered glass cleaning. It's a great companion kit to take with you on your next road trip to keep your ride looking nice while you're on the road! It comes in a handy little travel pack with a Velcro backing so you can stick it in the car boot and consists of the following 125ml Mini Me products:

  • Nanolicious Wash Mini Me - Our dream wash, created for the very fussiest of fanatics.
  • Bugger Off Mini Me - Gets rid of kamikaze bug marks, fast.
  • Wheely Clean Mini Me - The fast and easy way to remove heavy brake dust.
  • Boss Gloss Mini Me - Use to dry your car with The Big Green Sucker, or use separately with Drop Bear cloths as a quick detailer and protective spray.
  • Naked Glass Mini Me - A non streaking cleaner for perfectly clear and bare glass.


We know these new Mini Packs will be pretty popular and they have begun to be sent to many of our best supporting Autobarn stores, ready for ordering in this Boxing Day week. If they are not there yet, you can special order them in using the part codes.

Also, if there is a Bowden's Own product you would like to add into your pack, we have a total of 21 Mini Me sized products available, so you can order them in separately and add and mix them up as you wish. The part codes for these Mini Me bottles are the normal part code with MiniMe on the end of them. View these Mini Me bottles and prices on our website with most individual products, just choose the the 125ml size selection. 

Hope you like our new little additions to the range, I have personally been testing them in my own cars for the last 6 months and now cannot live with out them on every trip away I do, I am sure you will find them to be the same.

If you have any questions, please email or FREECALL our office on 1800 351 308.

Love your car,
Dan Bowden

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Review of rhe minis

By: on 26 February 2018
The absolute perfect addition for any Bowdens Addict....who cannot stand the thought of leaving home to drive somewhere and only to arrive with a less than clean car....great for therapeutic and withdrawal systems to the main collection at home

Frank Beamish

By: on 1 January 2018
These are fantastic hope to do a big road trip this year so these will be perfect. Thanks guys.

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