Drive into the dark side, Sweet Rubber is back!

23 January 2023 

Drive into the dark side, with our super black and longer-lasting Sweet Rubber. A couple of years back now we started testing some different tyre shine formulas after receiving feedback from customers who wanted a darker and deeper satin lustre for their tyres.

We started sciencing it all out with the chemists and local ingredient manufacturers, also adding in the importance to make it extra long-lasting, having a very uniform application and keeping to our original reason for making the original Tyre Sheen product - no annoying flinging of it down the sides of your car.

The collaboration of our chemists, the techy ingredients gurus and our in-depth testing have really achieved something pretty exceptional, a tyre shine we and others who have used it totally adore.

We added it as a special limited edition product in our All Aussie Bucket gift kit and had overwhelmingly positive feedback on it, from the finish it leaves to the drool-creating fragrance. Once we had run out of our own personal stash of it, we decided to make it again as a permanent fixture in our Aussie-made car care lineup, with the new label using the famous HDT 1984 Dayglo commodore beast of John Harvey and David Parsons.

This one really lives up to its name - First off it smells so beautiful, so much so our tech gurus made us add DO NOT SWALLOW to the label! Not only does it smell amazing, but Sweet Rubber also performs as good as it smells, with a formula that leaves a longer-lasting, darker, water-resistant finish, for that fresh new tyre look.


  • A more modern water-resistant formula that bonds strongly to rubber, for a longer-lasting, darker finish.
  • Provides long-lasting protection that's incredibly hydrophobic, that repels water so good you'll think it's "ceramic". 
  • Spreads beautifully - better than vegemite, a champion gymnast or the dreaded spicy cough - for a more uniform, even finish. 
  • Creates a beautiful mid-sheen, deep lustrous, better-than-new black tyre look.
  • It doesn't do the annoying flinging and slinging down the side of your car's paintwork when used as we say.
  • Being Australian, it has great UV protection that helps prevent premature sun damage and antiozonant browning of tyre walls.
  • Easy to use, quick drying and smells pretty damn good.
  • It will not damage or affect painted, chromed or alloy rims if you get it on them by accident. 
  • Safe on factory red and white wall tyres, wipe over with a clean "sacrificial" cloth after applying. Not for aftermarket painted-on red or white walls.
  • Can also be used on exterior rubber trim and bumpers, but not for rubber mats or pedals where slipperiness could be an issue. 
  • Use with our All Sorts tyre shine applicators, to use less product, get the best finish and no overspray.
  • Proudly handmade in our manufacturing shed with locally sourced and made ingredients, right here in Australia.



Firstly, for the lovers of Tyre Sheen, its popularity means it's not being taken away anytime soon. It's for those who want a more subtle, natural satin look for their rubber (concours show cars will preferably desire this). The majority of our classic, muscle and sports cars will keep using this one. 

Sweet Rubber is a darker, richer and subtly more glossy look (without being over the top!). It's also extremely hydrophobic, so unlike Tyre Sheen, it'll have the water bead up pretty nuts, meaning your tyres will stay protected, be easier to clean and keep darker for longer. This makes it ideal for daily-driven vehicles.




Sweet Rubber can be found right now in many of our great supporting automotive stores in Australia.   

The part code to quote them is BOSR.

The wait for this one has been long, but we hope the sweet finish you will get on your rubber makes up for it.

Love your car,

Dan Bowden


Sweet Rubber

Sweet Rubber

Give your tyres a darker, durable, mid sheen finish that's also incredibly hydrophobic.

$26.99 View Product

All Sorts

All Sorts

The All Sorts applicators are the perfect way to apply our Tyre Sheen and Sweet Rubber . They use a quality German made foam, that's rigid enough to work on anything from low profile tyres, all the way thro...

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Wheel and Rubber pack

Wheel and Rubber pack

This is all you need to care for your cars 4 round rubber friends.

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