The new formula Snow Job foam.

22 March 2019  Dan Bowden  

Snow foaming is one of the single best ways to minimise wash swirls and micro scratches from occurring in your paint, as it’s a touchless pre wash. It’s also good fun and lets all your neighbours know you’re really into looking after your car. We released our Snow Job foam nearly 3 years ago, and it was well due for an update. Thanks to the combination of brand new ingredients, our passionate chemists and the personal desire to be making the best car care, we have recently given its formula a nice little reworking. 

For those who follow us on Instagram, you would have seen the development of the foam formula over 6 months of intensive, almost daily testing. From this development, we were able to give it some cool updates with two main noticeable features:

Higher foaming: This was done to help accommodate people with smaller powered pressure washers (under 1800 PSI), so you don’t need to use extra Snow Job foam in your cannon bottle to compensate for the smaller machines water flow and PSI. And, if you have a bigger machine, it will now create crazy, full blizzard foam! 

On the topic of foaming, I need to make mention that we still don’t use any NTA; a cancer/eye damage linked foaming agent that is still popular in many imported snow foams. Likewise we don’t use wetting agents (as used in firefighting foams) to make the foam dwell and last longer, as the environmental impacts and toxicity for marine life is not worth having, as we love Australia and the things that live in our water ways - even the bad arse things like jelly fish, stone fish, sharks everything else than can maim or kill you. And, the best news is, we still don’t have any added salt, a favourite of big multinational companies as it’s the cheapest and easiest way to increase a wash formula’s foaming ability. 

We also found in our testing that the longer lasting thick foams tended to be more of a “dry” foam. This dry foam was not great at cleaning. The more watery the foam was, the better it would work as a pre-wash. But there is a balance, as if we made it too runny, it would fall off the car and not have time to dwell on the dirt and grime and do its magic. So after much back and forth, we found the right balance of a lovely, thicker foam, that gives a good dwell time for the detergents to loosen the dirt and grime and leads into our next great addition of increased cleaning power. 

Better cleaning power: Further on from above, this was a difficult one to balance out, as it’s easy to make a better cleaning product: just make it more powerful and alkaline. This is what some professional snow foams do and it’s fine for occasional yearly use, but not great for regular use as it affects your coatings, waxes and sealants with repetitive use - not to mention it will start to affect and degrade your hard plastic trims and soft window and door rubbers as well.  

After many different formula attempts, we made one that now cleans better and is still pH neutral. So it’s safe for long term use and maintenance, but won’t affect your wax, sealant or coating. The new formula still has the same strong 9:1 dilution ratio in our Cannon bottle, and the many other attributes of our original formula, including how it doesn’t leave streak marks if used in the sun, and it still smells great!  

It’s easy to identify the new formula in two ways: we recently added a new blue shield on the front lower right of the bottle, replacing the green one, and it of course says “New Version” on it. The very first batch was made last September and it still used the original label. To see if you have one of these, just look on the lower back of the bottle for the batch number. If this number is above (B)104600, it’s the new gear. 

This updated foam is now on the shelves of our many great resellers nationwide and from the sharing I have seen on the Instagram stories, I can see that lots of people now have it and are loving it! 

If you have any questions, please email or FREECALL our office on 1800 351 308.

Enjoy your foaming,

Dan Bowden.

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