Twisted Little Suckers - for the smaller drying jobs

17 May 2024 


Size matters:

People have been asking us for years to make some smaller drying towels to use on fiddly areas around their vehicles like door jambs and wheels, plus motorbikes, push bikes, jet skis and all the other more intricate areas around the car, and we have finally delivered. Using a single-sided, super absorbent 800 GSM twist pile loop microfibre, the Twisted Little Suckers are perfect for car and bike enthusiasts who want a more complete drying experience by using these for the tight and hard to reach areas, and our larger drying towels for the larger panels and more open areas.

Twisted Little Suckers key features:

  • Made for car and bike enthusiasts who desire a complete drying solution.
  • Handy 30cm x 40cm size for drying intricate areas that large towels can't get to.
  • Premium quality 70/30 polyamide microfibre blend - super absorbent 800 GSM twist pile microfibre.
  • Single-sided material allows you to easily wring the water out once full and keep on drying.
  • Soft twist pile helps prevent dirt from scratching your paint.
  • Twin pack with different colours to visually separate different areas and jobs.
  • Machine washable and durable - will keep sucking for years.
  • Use with Boss Gloss for a beautiful drying experience.

Two distinct colours:

We've made them in 2 custom colours; dark grey for dirtier areas like wheels and engine bays, then the bright dayglow orange colour to dry more delicate door jamb areas, your bike and everything else! These will help to prevent swirls and scratches caused by using improper drying towels on your cherished ride. They also use super soft suede edges with recessed stitching that won't scratch even the most delicate paint.

Love your chamois? This is better!

The Twisted Little Suckers are a perfect modern replacement for the much-loved chamois, as the single-sided construction allows the cloth to be wrung out when it fills up with water, meaning you can keep sucking even the wettest of surfaces! It's a great option for those who prefer a lighter and smaller drying towel that can be wrung out. Our Twisted Pro Sucker is still the granddaddy of large and absorbent drying towels.

Are they washable?

Yes, they sure are! Machine wash using our Microfibre Wash with other twist loop material towels so you don't ever pick up lint in the material, which we have found they can do. Dry in the tumble dryer on low to medium heat, not hot air as it will affect the longevity and effectiveness of the fibres. If you can only air dry, run your hands over the material once hanging on the line to stand it up, you don't want it matted down as it won't be as nice to use the next time around. 

Hit a snag?

If you ever happen to snag one of the strands of the cloth on a sharp edge or a badge, be aware that this can unravel one of the twist pile loops. Visually it looks bad, but don't worry as it's a very easy fix, simply cut the thread off level with the material. Because we make this from a higher quality twist pile, its extremely tight weave design means it won't ever damage or start to unravel the cloth.

We think you will find these to be a great addition to your detailing kit.

Find them now exclusively at your local Repco store with the RRP of $27.99. Check with our other local Automotive retailers for their availability, or special order with product code: BOTLS.

Click here for the Repco website link.

Happy drying,

Brett Hobbs.


Twisted Little Suckers

Twisted Little Suckers

Perfect for fiddly sucking jobs.

$27.99 View Product

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.. about time !

By: on 21 May 2024
hi guys... great! as I have been cutting the bigger ones in half to use like this for a long time! but now a question.. can you use these for use with AFTERGLOW on these smaller areas? like jet skis? motorbikes? pushies etc?

Hey Ian, Best to stick with Boss Gloss for these and the Big Softie cloths for the After Glow. There is a chance the After Glow can make the fibres of the Twisted Little Suckers turn hydrophobic over time, which will prevent them from absorbing water effectively. Hope this helps!

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