Make Bowden's Own, Your Own this Summer

5 December 2011 

Bowden?s Own gives you some personal touch?.

Customisation has always been a big thing with cars since their inception, as people love making and creating something to be seen as their very own.

We proudly have our products under the name of Bowden?s Own, but are for a limited time, giving you the chance to make them a bit more of how you like it, with some cool new personalisation options now available on the bottles of the Auto Body Gel.

With this custom touch, you can now pick one of the iconic cars from our collection to grace the label and then name the Auto Body Gel after your car, yourself, the person you?re giving it too, even after your partner or the kids as the incentive to get them out there washing! It can also be a good way to ensure that everyone in the home knows this bottle of product is yours!! Best of all, this customisation is free for a limited time online.


Get the personal touch in all our big car care kits and the wash packs as well.

Create Your Auto Body Gel Here:

Step 1. Think up the text you wish to have on the label (Max of 15 letters, including spaces, no crude or insulting words please!)


Step 2. Pick the car image for the label, one of six iconic cars, from  the Trans Am Moffstang, GTHO Phase 3, Brock A9X, Johnson Tru Blu XD, Beechey Monaro or KB Camaro. as per all the images above.


Step 3. Order one of three ways of the of Auto Body Gel, including just by itself online here.

You can also get it in a well priced Wash Pack with the Muffy Sponge and Chamois by clicking here.

Or get it in one of the big Car Care Kits (With free tickets in the Super Size and Mother Bucket kits to our next open day car collection tour) by clicking here.


Step 4. Email us after placing the order and let us know what text you wish to put on the label.

Click here to email your text and the wanted label image to us!

From here we will send it out to you in about 3 to 4 days, too easy!


Just bought the Gel from AutObarn? Read on here:

If you already have bought your Gel through AutObarn or our other independant resellers, do not worry. For just $6.95 we can create and send a label just for you! Call or Fax us the same information as above, and let us know your credit card details.

If you have any other questions about these labels and getting one custom made for you, feel free to give us a call in the shed on (07) 5445 6065. Or Fax (07) 5445 3957



Only for a limited time.

This offer is exclusive for our Facebook fans and email/ Chrome Club subscribers. It will only be on offer for the next few weeks, ending on the 14th of January. So let your mind run riot and send us what you want printed on your label, Look forward to seeing what you come up with for your own custom bottle of Auto Body Gel wash.