New Metal Polish label.

21 April 2012 

One of our best products has a new look, still keeping all the good stuff that makes it work so well inside. the Metal Polish has made us many fans with it's easy to use and effective formula that is safe for chrome and all polishable metals!

A new look, same great product inside the bottle.

We have given her a new label that now proudly features one of the hundreds of wheels we developed the formulas for here in our shed; the Allan Moffat GTHO phase 3 that won him the ATCC championship in 1973.


Clear bottle to show you the good gear inside, shake well before use!

Looking closer you will also see that the bottle is now clear, so you can see all the good stuff inside and more importantly realise how well you need to shake it up before using it. The gap is deliberate between where the label ends meet, for that reason. You can find this in all our supporting stores very soon.


Check it out how to use this formula right here in our metal polishing article by clicking here.

Love a good polish,

Dan Bowden