The New Road Trip KIt

8 November 2012 


There is nothing more Aussie than the holiday season road trip, getting the car out, piling the family and friends in and driving to the best destination for some much needed R&R.

For us car lovers the drive is always great, but the look of our pride and joy (the car) when we get there is always a bit different to when we left, as the nations roads throw tar, bugs, road grime and every possible weather condition at it.


We have put together this kit after looking what we keep handy in our own week to week cleaning kit in the shed, at our homes and for when we go away. It is ideal to use for when you arrive at your destination, cleaning that travel grime away. Good also for the weekly clean as a perfect grouping of the best car care you need to quickly maintain your cars finish, whether it be while away, or just for the weekly quick clean and detail.



BOB: the Bowden?s Own Bucket, 12 litres, high quality, the perfect bucket for washing.

Auto Body Gel; Our great pH balanced car wash, for a high suds, safe clean.

Muffy Sponge; Our special scratch-less and deep cleaning wash sponge.

Big Bugger Chamois; The new big sized chamois, that really works a treat.

Wheely Clean; The now famous pH balanced wheel cleaner

Bug and Tar; For cleaning away the kamikaze bugs and tar from inevitable road works on the way.

Wheel and Lower Body Cloth; For use with the Bug and Tar cleaner.

Tyre Sheen; For a long lasting, water repellent, beautiful new looking tyres.

Sacrificial Muffy; Our new way of applying the tyre sheen for a perfect, even finish. We have sacrificed one of our Muffy Sponges for you, so use her well.

Naked Glass; For cleaning the glass before and during the trip, a must for safety!

Ultra Microfibre Buffing Cloth; For using with the Naked Glass.   

Glass Cloth; Keep it rolled up in your glove box, for that emergency clean of the windscreen as you turn into the afternoon sun, removes vinyl smear, kids finger marks even dog nose marks from the glass with no chemicals.

Car Care Guide; For all our best tips and tricks on using the gear to the best effect.

Racing car lollies: For the kids mid trip, an ideal pacifier or accelerant?



You also get a for a limited time, the free tickets for our next big Open Day tour of the car collection, the best priced kit we offer this with! So you can make the pilgrimage from where ever you are in Australia and have the kit there to clean your baby up before the big Sunday tour at the Bowden's Own HQ.



The Road Trip Kit is priced at $179.95, which if you do the maths it saves you some money on getting it all separately. PLUS for free you also get our sacrificial Muffy and the new 13 page car care guide. Our popular racing car lollies are in there as well, plus the inviteto get your 2 family tickets to our huge Open Day tour. Yes all that added extra is for free. On top of that free gear, it really is a great practical kit, for trip and every week use, something any car fanatics will enjoy having handy in their sheds  for these summer holidays! 



You can find this kit at many of our supporting Autobarn stores and other independent retailers from early December onwards, if you are far away from any of the stores,  you can find it available on our website store from the link below: