New Tru Blu Poster

21 April 2012 

One of the most famous and loved Falcons in our car collection, the Dick Johnson and John French 1981 Bathurst winning XD is a very special car to many Ford and Aussie motorsport fans. Having just converted the livery back to how she raced in Bathurst 1981, (which you can read all about by clicking here) we thought it was well overdue to get a high quality poster made in which to showcase it's raw beauty!



This poster is 600mm x 420mm in size and available on our website store page for just $9.99 or get one for free if you spend more than $50.00 on our car care products, at all supporting AutObarn, Super Cheap superstores, and our other independent stores as well. All you need to do is send us via fax, email or post (our details are right down the bottom in the website footer) the store receipt to show you have purchased it between April and July 2012, and your postal address for us to send it to you, for free!  You can view it online in our store by clicking here.


We have one proudly gracing our office wall here In Buderim and it looks great, getting a lot of positve comments from those who have seen it. I know there are plenty of die-hard Ford guys that will love to show this off in their sheds, bars and if the missus will let them, the bedrooms as well!!

Only a small production run has been made, so the stocks really are limited. When they are gone, that's it, we wont be reprinting it!


So head down to the stores, get some of our great car care, send us the receipt and we will send it out, so you will have one of these great new posters adorning your walls before you know it! 


Loving the mighty Tru Blu,

Dan Bowden