Nikon SuperGP Australian Legends - Saturday 24th Oct 2009

25 October 2009 

It’s the last day of the SuperGP and the crowd has picked up greatly over the last few days. We are so proud that we can share our cars with so many Australian’s who appreciate and cherish the history our cars have. Yesterday was our third day out on the track, and with everyday these cars are running better and better.

I jumped into the Moffstang for the first time this weekend and had an amazing run around the track. In fact, I got so carried away I thought I had missed the checkered flag and had to keep checking if everyone had pulled into the pits everytime I passed.
Chris stayed in the pits this time to give Bob Morris a ride in the Geoghegan Super Falcon whilst James Brock sat in the driver seat of his late father’s ’78 A9X.
Colin Bond in the Beechey Monaro had a dream run whilst Dick Johnson in Greens Tuf and Jim Richards in his '86 JPS 635 BMW gave the crowd a real show reliving the good old days on the track back in 1986. John French again took Moffat’s GTHO Phase 3 for a run around the Surfers Paradise track without a glitch.
Kevin Bartlett in the Channel 9 Camaro experienced brake problems, however these are being fixed as we speak and he will be back out on the track today. The ’78 A9X had an electrical gremlin and the Super Falcon had fuel foam breakdown which clogged the fuel pump. Both cars have been fixed overnight and will be ready to put on a great show for the Sunday crowd.
We are on the track again today at 9:50am. If you can get down to Surfers Paradise, it will be a good show for the last day of the SuperGP. The Australian Legends pit lane walk is free so come along and say hi. And don’t forget we also have a merchandise tent set up behind the V8 pits so you can purchase all your memorabilia ready for the legends signing session at the SeaFM stage at 12:15pm today.
Love Your Car,
Dan Bowden