Open day # 1 2013 with KB

24 May 2013 

Our first Open Day for the year was a magnificent day, with our decision to move it back a few months paying off, escaping the torrential rain SE Qld has been getting hammered with over the eariler summer months.


Dan and his group running through a lineup of Bavarian glory.

The event had booked out over 2 months in advance, with people coming from all parts of Australia to be a part of the day.

Over the next three hours the two seperate groups were treated to Chris, Dan and David Bowden ran them through their passions, the cars they have devoted thier lives to looking after  highlighting so many of the special race machinery that lives in the sheds walls.

Quite a few who had been here previously noted a lot of the new cars, (including the new BMW M1) not to mention the changes that had been made with the cars being moved around to share their stories and tie ins with others in the collection.


Moffstang and Beechey Monaro are two Aussie race icons.

Another two super signifcant era's of touring car history together.

A big hint here for our next legend guest in August.

Ford race fans went a bit weak at the knee's when first seeing at this lineup.



Dan talking about the Holman Moody 427 Galaxie, as raced by Davison and Beechey.

The moment that KB awoke the sleepy town of Buderim

The days highlight was straight after lunch, with Kevin Bartlett rumbling into the shed with his famous Channel 9 Camaro, giving us a great chat about the technical aspects of the car and racing it against the Fords and Commodres in the day.


KB gives us a run down on his massive race career.

Our next one is looking to be in mid to early August, with an legendary driver who has never been to our shed before, we are planning something super special, so book yourself in now, as once again places for the event will sell out. You read more about attending this day by clicking here.