Open Day - July 17th 2011

17 July 2011 

Our first open day of the year was a cracker, thankfully the wet weather stayed at bay and  judging by all the happy faces, all those who came along had a great experience.

Dan gives the eager crowd his story on the fantastic Brock A9X hatches.

We have always enjoyed sharing our passion for the cars that inspire us, which I am sure all those who came along for the tour will attest to. The morning was a casual affair with our team doing the last minute detailing on a few of the vehicles, before everyone turned up in convoy behind Chris. Once parked, We gave a run through about our families story and split the big group into two for the full days tour. It was a 4 hour journey into the rich depths of Australian motorsport, with each car on display being brought alive with their stories and races and how we found them. You could write for hours on the tour, but it's best if you just come do one to experience it first hand, as words really cannot do it justice.

An hour later and Dan still going hard talking A9X.


Chris Bowden's group get in depth on the GTHO Falcons.

The Cobra and GT40 are Bowden family and crowd favourites

Our guest for the afternoon was Legend driver Kevin Bartlett, coming down in his equally legendary Channel 9 Camaro, which he even got a bit sideways coming round the corner to the shed! Big Rev Kev, lived up to his name, getting his magnificent beast into the shed with a heap of noise and attitude, before hopping out and giving us a great talk on racing it and others in his long and esteemed career. His love for the F5000 machines was undeniable, even though they almost killed him twice, thankfully unsuccessfully. A real racer, he still talks about them with enough passion that you think he would not mind hopping back in one again to race..


Phattest ass ever.

David Bowden and KB share some tales

David Bowden joined KB talking about the new GTV Alfa and the connection to KB and Alec Mildren , KB's patron/ team boss of the day. Lots of race stories, with KB singing the praises of the nimble Italian sports car.

A new scale model has just been made of the Camaro by Classic Collectables and it was nice to hear how happy he was with it, noting all the fine detail including the flat rear fibreglass springs and fuel tank assembly. I have not seen one personally yet, but will be looking to get one after today!


Dan kicks over Greens Tuf for the enthusiastic crew.

Was great to hear the lovely note of the mighty Greens Tuf.

Our grand finale was to hear a couple of the beasts come to life. Greens tuf was first, the 1984 Championship winner, giving a nice crisp note, worthy of it's muscle pedigree for Ford fans. Then it was to the monsters of improved production, first Norm Beechey's HT GTS 350 Monaro, which certainly got everyone's attention (Including half the residents of Buderim I am sure) and finally we needed it with the enormously powerful sound of the mighty Moffat Mustang. A great way to end the day!


Pete hard at work on the BBQ, you can never have enough onions!

These huge days I cannot do without our team here, so a big thanks to Darren, Mark, Casey, Pete, Pete and Pete for helping make the day a great success. 


Looking real forward to the next Open Day, this coming Sunday, with another special driver having his first visit to out shed. Will be surely another great day for all those lucky enough to be attending...especially with the new twist we have in store for them... 


If you want to come along to one of our open days, we have another that still has some free spaces in September, read about it by clicking here

If you would like to see see some more images from the day, check out our Facebook page here

Love the cars,