Pacific Ford Total Performance show with Allan Moffat

19 January 2011 

The performance Ford loving crew at Pacific Ford in Maroochydore, Qld, put together another cool car event with a host of their customers coming along to show of the other cars in their shed. It was Falcon GT?s Mustangs and anything else Ford performance orientated filling their vast car lot during the day.


Great showing of cars driven in on the day, damn the weather!

The weather was the start of the ?Big Wet? where we have had over 3 weeks of rain, leading into the major Qld wide floods. However this did not deter many of the owners, with some 85 muscle cars being displayed in the inclement weather.



Bowden's team give the Phase 2 a quick clean before the start of the day.



GTHO was a popular part of the day.

It seems the weather has no respect for Legends either, with invited guest Allan Moffat?s plane not being able to land in the local airport, so had to commute from Brisbane Airport , being some hours late.



Moffat giving Dan a history lesson. 

This did not deter the hardcore enthusiasts, who stayed to hear him interviewed by me before having a chat with FPV CEO Rod Barrett.  A great day, and we will be looking forward to the next one they put on.



New FPV 335kw GT was pretty damn tough.


Who is the clown with the Holden ute in the car park?



Fun drive home.....even in the rain.

Thanks to Scott Wensley, Troy King and John Hanchard for all the photo's.