Sound Tour 2

16 November 2009 

Yesterday we wrapped up Sound Tour for 2009. What a massive couple of days we had at Bowden's Own HQ. We would like to thank everyone who was able to come along and share such special moments with us (people even came from as far away at Tasmania!). We started up close to 30 of our most famous cars for some of their biggest fans.


Johnson's Greens Tuff and Tru Blu were unable to make it to the event this time, however we invited along a couple other special guests in their place - the Janson/Perkins A9X Torana and Brock's '78 A9X Torana. It was an A9X melody when we fired both these cars up together with Brock's '79 A9X. They ran in perfect harmony!


But it was the finale we had in stall that made the event! We shut the shed doors (to hold off the neighbours), jumped into the 3 loudest cars we own, and fired them up in unison. Well, the Moffstang started up straight away, but the Geoghegan Super Falcon and Beechey's Monaro needed a bit of a pep-talk before they roared to life for the second time on the day. It was absolute music to our ears! Everyone that was there wasn't sure if they should listen to the roars in full swing or don the ear plugs that we supplied just for this reason. It was magic!


If you missed out, not to worry. Not only are we running a Sound Tour every year (keep an eye out on our website for tour dates in 2010), but we also filmed every last minute of the day. We will be putting together a little showreel and uploading it to our site just to get your blood pumping!


And if you cannot wait until the next Sound Tour, we have announced the date of our next Open Day - Sunday January 17th 2010. To find out more about this event and how you can come along, please visit the events page on our website. And don't forget to chekc out our special Christmas promotion - a great gift for your car enthusiast loved ones!


Love Your Car

Dan Bowden