Sound Tour 2010

21 September 2010 

As quite possibly the last Sound Tour we will ever be holding, we made sure she was extra special for the frothing group of enthusiasts who came along. As we brought each car to life, it was great to see the smiles and nods of happy approval from the appreciative audience.


This day was made even better by the great talk from our special guest, Graeme ?Mort? Brown on his days with HDT and Brock. Having the 87 Bathurst winning Commodore, and both 78 and 79 A9X?s on hand for the day certainly helped bring out some great memories.


Rather than me bantering on, here are is a visual feast from the day!



Was a great group who came and enjoyed hearing all the cars run!



The black and very angry sounding JPS beauty.



"Mort" Brown, who helped organise this 1987 VL to one of the greatest victories ever on the mountain, Brocks 9th and final Bathurst crown.



DJR & B&H team cars line up once again.



700 BHP out of this....


The Beechey Nova was a great start to the 60's Muscle Car lineup!


The heart of Pete Geoghegans 65 Mustang, such a lovely car, with the best history.




The 1967 Shelby Trans Am, showing her unique boot work detail that only the racers recieved.


COB6033, the ex Ron Thorp Cobra, just awesome.


Boys work at jumping the battery, typically in a very easy to access position!


One of the best butts in the automotive world.




Chris runs the wap wap in numerous events nowdays, great car to drive!


Do they come any tougher in a Falcon?


Two of our corner stones in the collection, the 78 (at the back) and the immortal 79 Bathurst winning A9X's.


Jim Richards signed the 78 A9X at Lakeside this year, as you can see on the firewall above.


Mort in the background tells about how he began with working at HDT, cleaning both the A9X's as a test to see if he was to become a worthy addition to the tea.. He passed and had a great life with one of Australia's best and most iconic race teams, becoming the team boss in 1987.



The Colin Bond # 2 car, looking every bit the part.




My words do this car no justice. Legendary.



the 620 BHP, Lucas fuel injected heart of Pete's GTHO Super Falcon.




Some real Aussie Muscle


All back in the shed after a great event. Hows the history in this image?


Big thanks to James for letting me use some of his images to share with you all.


Check our events page for the running of the next big Sound Tour, you will not want to miss it! 

Love your car,