Top Gear Live, Bathurst Legends

17 February 2010 

What a massive show! Close to 70 000 raving Top Gear fans came along over 4 days to see Clarkson and May preach to the converted about their world of cars. I have to say that I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole event. These legions of Fans would descend on our big tent for the “Shannons Bathurst Legends" display a few hours before and after each show. After the first night I lost my voice trying to answer questions about the cars in the display; Yes sir, it is the real car and no, I don’t think your uncle, neighbour or fathers- sisters- brother has it, but indeed it could be one just like it. Also fielded a LOT of inquiries on the Bowden’s Own car care range of products. Jamie, our new man in Victoria, is certainly a man who can talk more than me (yes that person exists) was looking for constant throat soothing liquids as he was also inundated with questions. Least to say that by Sunday the entire Bowden’s team was a total wreck…

Very wrecked, yes. But still stoked, Chris, Jamie and Dan

In the Bathurst winners display we had the Brock 1978 A9X (was supposed to be the 1979 car, but a damaged wheel required a last minute swap), Brock 1987 VL #10 Commodore, Colin Bond 1977 Falcon hardtop, Dick Johnson 1981 Tru Blu falcon and 1990 RS 500 Sierra and finally with the program heading to Channel 9, Kevin Bartlett’s Camaro was sent along. Peter Champion brought 3 of his Brock cars from Yeppoon, as well as his great looking new VE HDT Commodores. The Bathurst Museum donated the 1977 Moffat hardtop and two other private collections provided the immaculate Jim Richards R32 Nissan GTR (Guess who’s products he uses) and ex John Goss XJ Jaguar to fill the tent with 12 legendary racing machines.

When do you ever see a lineup like this?

A real living legend came along for Friday night, Mr Jim Richards. It was quite amusing to see him amongst the cars with 99% of the punters not really sure who he was.  Hearing his stories of racing the Nissan GTR’s, A9X and Commodore’s was quite special.  A classic moment was  the DVD playing the 1992 Bathurst highlights and Jim’s famous winning speech came across. He just laughed it off and said it was all a bit heated for him right then (We forgive you Jim).

We also had the pleasure of meeting the shows production crew, drivers and “Stig” during a few drinks in our hotel. We noticed that in our Friday night show he hit a wall pretty badly and was seen collapsing after the hit. He said that the arena was not wide enough for the stunt and the hit took the wind out of him… oh the life of the stunt “Stig” driver! 

Next year I would love to take the GT40 and Shelby Cobra along for the event, should turn a few heads and give the hordes an idea as to where we get the inspiration and passion to make our car care range!