Welcome to our new website

Author: Dan Bowden   Date Posted:21 September 2015 

Welcome car lovers, to our new big website!

This has been over 6 months of work to create this website, showcasing our great car car range, about a third of the iconic cars in the collection plus all the events our family are doing with the cars and car care as well. It's all mobile and tablet friendly as well, so you can check in on the right products to use, or the read the new car care guides while on the move.

You will see a huge amount of new car care, around 20+ new products have been added, our biggest ever release! Many of these are just being sent out to the stores this week, so please go easy of them if you cannot yet find it on the shelf with them as of yet.

This website is still a work in progress, and we will be addling more content of both cars, and more new car care over the coming weeks, so stay tuned to the new updates via our email newsletters.

If you have any questions, or are having any issues with the site, please drop me an email - dan@bowdensown.com.au

Love your cars,

Dan Bowden