When you want more than just a big one - Our Super Bloody HUGE Chamois.

23 November 2012 

Something new and quite massive has just entered into our car care range, and like a lot of our gear it is quite unique! For a long time now we have been after a real big one... A real big chamois that is! It all comes from us washing a lot of cars each week, trying to get the job easier and quicker. We had been wanting to do a massive sized chamois to help us for years!  With the recent change to a new, better chamois material, we finally had the option to getting something made to a size we thought was perfect for our needs.

The BIGGEST chamois on the planet.

A HUGE 142cm x 60cm, the biggest one we have seen in the world. It is made for the more hardcore enthusiasts or professional detailers amongst us, with a lot of thought gone into its shape and size. The length being made for the an outstretched arms length, so you can run it over big flat panels like bonnets, roofs and boots easily, getting all the water off in one big fluid action. The depth is also "just right", not too small that it does feel an awkward, and not too big so you can minimise the risk of it dropping or dragging it along the ground. After first doing the big flat panels, we do the sides and other parts by folding it into thirds and wiping down a section at a time, turning it over often to a new dry portion, so we can dry an entire car without having to wring it out. That method saves us quite a bit of time!
We have tried numerous different types of chamois and drying materials, as it was a holy grail for us to find something that worked.  This Ultra Microfibre material outperforms all other synthetic, PVA or natural chamois out there. It?s the best we can find and oh boy did we look near and far for this material? 


Handles its drinking well.

It is incredibly absorbent, and loves a drink, but holds it well. Drying all the water up and not leaving abundant water spots on your car. It does not scratch or have edges that fray. Importantly will never grip onto your paint (removing wax or any paint protection), as it glides across the surface, absorbing the water. This gliding makes the job quicker and less labour intensive as you're not fighting to drag it over the cars panels. Another bonus is that it is great on glass as well.
With this special microfibre material, it does not need to be kept or stored in a container, we simply hang it out to dry after each time we use it. If it does ever get dirty, it can be machine or hand washed with normal washing detergent.
Value Packed

The chamois is priced at $44.99, which at first glance might seem expensive, but do the math on the pricing; you will see the Super Bloody Huge size can make two Big Bugger chamois, and almost a Little Ripper in there as well. So she is real bloody great value as well!


The BIG Points for it:

You can dry an entire family sized car without having to wring it out, saving you a lot of time.

Can be cut up into multiple chamois to share with your mates or family and save you a bit of money.

Glides over the paint, will not grip, for an easier drying down job and doesn't remove your protective wax from the paint.

Super absorbent, so it means you don't have to keep doing the same areas twice, three or four times to get a great finish.


Other new Chamois sizes

We also have two other new chamois sizes, if this one is a bit intimidating. The Big Bugger size is a good 71 x 50cm in size and the Little Ripper is a favourite 60 x 35cm. Both use our new chamois material and will make your washing job that bit quicker and easier.

You can get this and our other two new chamois from all our supporting automotive stores in early December, find your closest one on our stockists page by clicking here.

If you dont have a store close by, you can also get it online at our webstore right here.