Don't Wash My Car hanger

For every time your car gets a service.

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Handing your car over to a dealership for a service can be a harrowing experience for many of us. We've always requested to the service manager to not wash our cars, or apply their tyre shine to it. But this message sometimes gets lost and we get it back freshly washed along with new swirls and micro scratches, plus a high gloss tyre shine that flings down the car the whole trip home. We've made this rear vision mirror hanger so your car does not fall foul of the free car wash issue anymore. 

  • Use it every time your car goes in for a service.
  • Hangs visibly from your rear vision mirror.
  • Fits all interior car mirrors.
  • Help stop your car being washed with a year old sponge or broom.
  • No cleaning off the flinging tyre shine once you get home either.
  • Branded with Bowden's Own so they know you're a car tragic.
  • FREE SHIPPING Australia only - via regular mail.


Pesky service washes your ride?

By: on 26 February 2018
With this little fella hanging out on your mirror when you go for service it will stop them pesky buggers from using sub par carecare products on your pride and joy.. better buy 5 just in case you loose 1!

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