How to get great foam from your cannon

14 August 2020  Dan Bowden  

We have made a new guide to help get the best level of foaming from our Snow Blow Cannon. 
This comes from us seeing and hearing from a few people who have just gotten their new cannon and are all ready to share your first glorious social media post.  But find the foam is not as good as they have seen. Or it might be that they have had it for a while and feel its not quite as good as it used to be.

Don't worry, we now have this guide that's filled with the simple tips and tricks we have learnt to quickly identify what needs to be done to get quickly your foaming up to being awesome! 

For this, we break the foaming issues into these three simple categories: 

1. Pressure Washer or Water Source, both critical for foaming performance. 

2. The Cannon Setup, for those new to using it.

3. Blockages, that can happen randomly or gradually over time.

Click below to read on and learn how you can quickly remedy these minor issues and get great foaming.

Happy Foaming,

Dan Bowden


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pressure washer

By: on 3 January 2023
Good morning BO, I'm in the process of purchasing a Stihl pressure washer. Did I read somewhere BO uses a Stihl? If so, which model do you recommend please? Thanks

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