Orange Agent has a multitude of uses on both motorbikes and pedal powered bikes. It’s important to remember a couple things when doing motorbikes: If you’re taking off the seat, be sure to cover the air filter and all the electrical bits before cleaning. Also, and this is a big one, do not spray Orange Agent onto raw powder coated parts, or any single stage, non clear coated painted areas. Other than that, spray Orange Agent onto the main areas you wish to clean – motor, rims and sprocket, agitate with a brush like our Big Boy Brett Brush to really help loosen the dirt, then rinse thoroughly with your hose. You can then dry the area with a cloth like our Twisted Little Suckers or a Dirty Deeds cloth.

Same principle for pedal powered bikes – spray Orange Agent over the major parts of the bike, agitate with a brush, then rise thoroughly and dry. For added protection, use Fully Slick or Bead Machine to seal all the painted areas of the bike so that it’s easier to clean next time!

Thanks to Nathanael House from Perfection Automotive Detailing in Adelaide for the pic.