Lightly pitted chrome

For lightly pitted chrome, use Shiny Stuff by hand with a Dirty Deeds cloth. If you have sensitive skin, wear some gloves for this.

Fold your cloth into quarters and get some Shiny Stuff paste out of the jar. Now gently apply the product to the pitted areas in the chrome, being careful not to get any on any surrounding plastics or other surfaces – if you do happen to get some on these surfaces, simply use a couple sprays of Orange Agent and a gentle brush to remove it.

Gently work the product into the chrome until you see the pitting begin to disappear. Now use a separate dry and clean cloth to remove any remaining residue and reveal that amazing shine.

For heavier pitted chrome or rust spots, it can be easier to start with some 0000 Steel Wool. First, put on some gloves. Spray some Clean Detail into the steel wool, then gently go over the rust spots. The steel wool is effective at removing these spots, without marking the chrome. If the chrome needs polishing after that, use the same method as mentioned above, or if it needs more, you may need to use some foam polishing tools, which we have a guide for in the Exterior Guides section of our website.