Decontamination - Three Way + Claying Rubber

As mentioned earlier, preparation is critical for laying down Bead Machine, and the decontamination step is vitally important in this process, especially for brand new cars. 

Three Way + Claying Rubber does 2 jobs in 1 - it chemically decontaminates the paint by removing iron particles + older waxes and sealants with Three Way, and it also mechanically decontaminates the paint by removing surface bonded contamination with the Claying Rubber. This process does both of these jobs safely and easily, without marking your paint or causing any marring, provided you follow our instructions and rinse the Claying Rubber pad out as you go. It's able to do this because Three Way is a highly lubricating liquid that turns iron particles into a water soluble solution that can be washed away - the Claying Rubber uses a specialised rubber polymer surface that's very gentle on delicate paint systems and when used in conjunction with the Three Way for lubrication, will not mar paint.

To see our detailed guide on Three Way and Claying Rubber, click the link below:

After you have washed and rinsed the vehicle after using Three Way, dry the whole vehicle. It's good practice to run around the vehicle with a small battery powered blower if you have one, and blow all of the water out of the nooks and crannies like around the wing mirrors, behind door handles, wheels and tyres etc. It's also a good idea to quickly dry the door jambs, wheels and tyres with a couple Dirty Deeds cloths.