Other important information

If you experience streaking, or are finding it difficult to buff the product residue off, here are a few things to try:

  • First of all, make sure the vehicle is in the shade and the panels are cool to the touch (heat will affect the usability greatly). If your car is black or a dark colour and has been in the sun it will absorb and hold the heat for many hours more than a white or silver car will.  
  • Use clean, good quality microfibre cloths! Cheaper cloths won't work as well and can create issues. 
  • Make sure the paint is completely clean and free from dirt, silicones, oils and is residue free (basically do everything in this guide to eliminate this). 
  • If you're still experiencing some bits you cannot buff off, use the damp Big Green Sucker you just dried the car with to gently wipe over any high spots, or use a slightly damp Big Softie cloth to even out any high spots.
  • Bead Machine isn't suitable to use on matte finishes. Clean Detail is currently our only suitable spray for use on matte surfaces.

For a detailed explanation of where and how Bead Machine fits into our current line up and if it's suitable for you, see our article below: