Snow Job pre wash

The Snow Job pre wash is an important start to any detail. This step is vitally important in helping to reduce the chance of putting swirls and scratches in your paint by laying a thick blanket of foam over your vehicle, helping to break down heavier dirt and grit, before pressure washing it off.

Start foaming at the back of the car, on the dirtier lower sections first, moving up to the roof last to allow the foam the longest dwell time on the dirtier sections of the car.

You can do a strip snow, by adding 100ml of Orange Agent and 100ml of the Snow Job foam to 800mls of water if you wish, but due to the intensive detailing to come after, we don't feel it's always needed unless your vehicle is extemely dirty or has an oily residue on it.

For a detailed how-to guide on using the Snow Blow Cannon and Snow Job, see the guide below -