Checker Plate

Checker Plate can be challenging to polish due to the size and the grooves in the plate itself.

We find that by using a combination of the Quick Cone and the large Blue Ball, it makes quick work of these surfaces.

If the Checker Plate is badly oxidised, start by using the Metal Polish first to remove the worst of the oxidation. Put a generous amount onto the Quick Cone or large Blue Ball, then begin slowly on the drill to spread the product across the surface. Once it's been spread, then increase the speed of the drill to start revealing a clean finish.

Once the worst of the oxidation has been removed, put some Shiny Stuff on your chosen polishing tool and repeat the above process until the desired finish is achieved. If you don't have a fresh polishing tool for this stage, you can simply rinse the tool out in fresh water and the Metal Polish will rinse straight out. Attach the tool to the drill again, and run it for a short period of time to remove as much excess water as possible, before putting Shiny Stuff onto your chosen polishing tool.