Doubling the life of your Blue Ball

Both the Big Daddy and Mini Me Blue Balls are reversible to give you a fresh foam surface and extended life by flipping the drill bit from one side of the ball to the other.

  • Loosen the bit by holding the ball with one hand and rotating the bit with the other, in an anti-clockwise direction (if needed, use a small shifter or 10mm spanner).
  • Completely remove the bit and retaining washer from out of the foam.
  • From the opposite side, open the foam and remove the four pronged core.
  • Turn foam ball the other way, open the foam up and carefully re-insert the plastic core from the other way. Be sure to align the four prongs of the plastic core with the locating holes in the foam.
  • Re-assemble washer and bit, slowly hand tightening the bit (don't over-tighten), while taking care that the plastic core is aligned with the four corresponding holes still in the foam ball.