Blue Balls Instructions

Mini Me

Depending on what you will be polishing, you can either use the steel drill bit, or attach the extension rod to the Blue Ball Mini Me. This extension rod has an outer plastic sheath that allows the inner metal rod to spin freely. This shields your hands and prevents it from damaging anything it might touch while you're polishing. It's also handy to hold and help control the ball when polishing as well.

To attach the extension rod, hold the ball firmly with one hand and rotate the drill bit with a smaller shifter or 10mm spanner (if it's tight, use a set of multi grips on the plastic black section), and unscrew the drill bit off.

Screw on the extension rod to the thread by turning the exposed silver metal tip (not the plastic sheath) to tighten it to the ball.

Big Daddy

Simply attach tightly to your power drill and set to a clockwise rotation,