Step 2

Once spread and you're used to how it feels on the surface, turn up to a low/medium speed (1200rpm) and gently push down the foam ball with mild pressure. Slowly work back and forth over the area for up to a minute. Be cautious around rough edges, or protuding parts, so it doesn't catch and tear off the Blue Balls foam tabs.

Turn machine off and wipe black residue away with a clean Dirty Deeds cloth (you may need a few cloths for bigger jobs). TIP - It's easier to clean black residue off while it's still wet, so don't work it till it's dry.

Once you're happy with the shine, continue onto the next area. If not, repeat the above process. If you notice micro-scoring marks in the metal, slow the drill speed down and work it for less time.

Once done, grab a cool refreshing beverage and admire the new, beautiful shine.