The Initial Set-Up

For any first time users of the Snow Blow Cannon, these are three neccesary things to do, all imperative for the cannon being able to foam well: 

1. The blue knob is not turned towards "-" minus side. For maximum foam, the blue adjustment knob on the top of the cannon needs to be turned clockwise, to the "-" side and then a smidgeon back, which will draw less air and suck more suds through the cannon, meaning thicker foam. Make sure to not tighten the knob up which will prevent any airflow, it needs to be free to rotate. 

2. The front fan nozzle is set too wide, so you do not get a good thickness of the foam. Turn the front blue nozzle just a little bit from the fully closed/ jet mode to get a nice fan angle and a more solid build up of foam. 

3. The clear plastic tube is not connected or it's kinked. In the box with your Snow Blow Cannon, there will be a clear plastic tube that needs to be connected to the brass barb on the base of the cannon unit. This tube is vital for the cannon to be able to suck up the Snow Job solution and produce foam. Also check that the tube not kinked inside the bottle, or sitting perfectly flush with the inside bottom of the bottle.

4. The pressure washer has an airlock. Air can get trapped inside the pressure washer if it's turned on while the hose is not attached, or still has air in the lines, which will prevent proper water flow through the cannon. Attach your hosepipe to the machine and pull the trigger on your handle with the machine switched OFF for 20-30 seconds to allow any air to escape before the pump pressurizes the lines. This is critical on lower-powered machines like the Karcher K2 and Gerni 3600.