Cannon Blockages

The Snow Blow Cannon's performance can be affected by a lack of water flow, which can come from areas in the canon becoming blocked. So check the following places out to see if there are any blockages. You can find a link to our guide on pulling the cannon apart down the bottom of this section. 

  1. The breather hole for the Snow Blow Cannon bottle is blocked. On the top side of the round brass piece that screws onto the bottle, there is a small hole that allows air into the bottle. If this becomes blocked it can stop the cannon from being able to suck up the liquid from the bottle. It can be quickly cleaned out with a paperclip or a pin.
  2. The intake hole for the snow solution is blocked. Inside the brass barb that holds the clear plastic tube, there is a small hole in the middle that needs to be clean to be able to suck up the Snow Job solution. Remove the clear plastic tube, and poke a paperclip or pin up through the barb and into the small hole in the centre, to clean it out.
  3. The Venturi nozzle is blocked. Behind the pressure washer adapter, inside the cannon, there is a small nozzle that helps increase the water pressure and foam, if it is blocked, there will be no foam! Unscrew the pressure washer adapter and the brass extension to reveal the grey coloured venturi in the cannon head. Using a paperclip or a pin, poke through the central hole of the venturi to unblock it.
  4. The mesh aerator is blocked. Over time, product can slowly accumulate and dry inside the cannon, causing the fine mesh aerator to block and affect the foam quality. To help prevent this, we recommend running 15-20 seconds of clean water through the cannon after every use, especially with the Happy Ending. You can also flush your Snow Blow Cannon with a mixture of 100mls Orange Agent and 100mls water in the cannon bottle to help clean it out. If it's blocked it will need to be replaced, please feel free to contact us directly for more details on this. 

If there is a more serious build up of gunk and debris inside the cannon, you may need to take it apart to clean out the internals. Our Snow Blow Cannon disassembly guide takes you through how to do this, as well as involving a lot of the above processes step by step, to restore the foaming performance of your cannon.