FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use Bead Machine or other sealants over the top of Beaut Beads? - Yes, and no. Our super hydrophobic range of sealants; Bead Machine, Happy Ending & Wet Dreams can be used as toppers and put on top of Beaut Beads and will work no problems. Avoid using Carnauba Body Wax, Lazy Wax or Fully Slick, as these products may inhibit the super hydrophobic nature of the Beaut Beads wax.
  • How often should I re-apply Beaut Beads? - Re-apply the Beaut Beads paste wax as needed. We have found that on cars that are not daily drivers, and garaged, it can last up to 1 year. On a daily driven car, you will find you should need to re-apply every few months just as needed. Bead Machine and our other super hydrophobic sealants will increase the longevity of the wax.
  • Do I need to go through the whole process every time I apply Beaut Beads? - No. We find that usually once year is sufficient to go through the entire preparation process. For the in between applications, just be sure to wash and dry the car, clay if it's contaminated, and always use Flash Prep prior to application.
  • Can I use Beaut Beads on plastic/glass/rubber? - We don't recommend it. Beaut Beads can leave marks on plastic trim and rubber, and isn't suitable to use on glass. Use After Glow for all glass for good beading action. If you do get Beaut Beads on rubber or plastics, remove it straight away with a cloth and some Orange Agent or Flash Prep.
  • Can I use Beaut Beads on a paint protection coating or ceramic coating? - We don't recommend this. While it may not affect all coatings, it might affect yours. Stick to our other super hydrophobic sealants; Bead Machine, Happy Ending, Wet Dreams to put on your ceramic coating.
  • Will Mega Snow Job remove Beaut Beads? - It will affect it, yes, so we recommend to stick to using our pH neutral foams for regular maintenance.
  • Can I use Beaut Beads in direct sun? - Yes! It will work in direct sunlight and still be super easy to remove.
  • What do I do if I notice my cloths are smearing? - Make sure you're using clean, fresh and dry high quality microfibre cloths like our Drop Bear. If you notice smearing, change out your cloth for a fresh one.
  • Can I use Beaut Beads on my wheels? - We don't recommend to use Beaut Beads on your wheels - higher temperature resistant sealants like Bead Machine and Wet Dreams are more suited.