What is it?

Beaut Beads is a modern, super hydrophobic paste wax for car fanatics. It's been blended with the finest waxes and other wanky ingredients, to create a wax that is exceptionally easy to use, gives a stunning shine and depth to your paint, and offers relentless water beading and protection.

We have heard many say that wax is a dead medium in car care, which we don't quite agree with, as we worked away on eliminating many key issues that we felt were detrimental to the overall experience of using them, as well as excel in the attributes of what the higher quality paste waxes are still much loved for.

Stand out features of Beaut Beads:

  • Exceptionally easy to apply and remove.
  • Amazing depth and shine.
  • For all paint types; old and new.
  • Super hydrophobic beading and protection - no "ceramic" BS.
  • No ghosting/hazing.
  • Works with our other super hydrophobic products Bead Machine, Wet Dreams & Happy Ending as an ideal base layer.
  • Smells amazingly enticing.
  • Proudly 100% Australian made and hand crafted in house.